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This is a quick meal/dessert that’s made in Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Spain, and a few other places. The name “Kuymak” is the Turkish one which is used in Spanish as well. It can be served as a dessert since it’s sweet, but containing flour, sugar and butter, it’s got a lot of calories and will give you good energy even if server as a meal.

In Iran this is given to the ladies in their postpartum period, but nothing wrong to make it without this excuse! The following measures are for five portions.


  1. Wheat (or rice) flour 5 tbsp
  2. Sugar/caster sugar/cane sugar 1 cup
  3. Butter or veg. oil 50gr
  4. Saffron
  5. 1, 2 glasses of cold water
  6. Cardamom (optional)
  7. Rosewater (optional)


Sift the flour (twice or more) and roast the flour in a pot on low/medium stove for a few minutes until the color changes from white to gold, and you feel the smell. Keep stirring from the beginning to avoid chunks of flour after the meal is cooked.

roast flour

As soon as you notice the roast smell and color, add the butter/oil and keep stirring for some more. After a few minutes, add the rest of ingredients including water, brewed saffron, sugar, cardamom and rosewater (these two are just to give a bit of scent).

Keep stirring until everything is dissolved well, and stir it for a while longer until it’s creamy.

Allow it cool down and settle, and serve.

Remember that you can add more or less sugar and/or water depending on your own taste.


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