I’m an Azeri-Iranian woman, currently working as an iOS developer, and also a freelance/remote language expert.

I have been working as an iOS developer in different companies for four years now, producing several applications on Apple’s AppStore, in addition to Radio Geek, which was a personal project and is aimed at all people behind the walls of filternet who want to have freedom in accessing information beyond those walls. In addition to my full-time jobs, I’ve done a lot of freelance language-related jobs, i.e. translation, transcription, interpretation, etc. I used to work as a technical support at an over-crowded Internet service provider, and teach English to adults as a foreign language at a language school before switching to iOS development. Outside work, I’m an outdoor person, trying to spend as much time as possible out in the nature, watching awesome birds, cycling, flying a kite, kayaking, climbing or Geo-cachingphotography; and Couch-surfing.

Attending and winning hackathons, reporting data problems on Google Maps, asking and answering questions on Stack Overflow, listening to music, and helping people on IRC are also some of my hobbies. 

Not enough? You can read my random blog posts here in Persian/Farsi, or here in English.