Curriculum Vitae

Aidan Kehoe

Name : Aidan Kehoe

Born : 18 March 1981

Address :

        Co. Wexford
  Republic of Ireland

Phone : +353 86 3974965

Email :

Skills :

I am fluent in C, Perl, PHP and the Unix shell. I read (and can write) C++, Prolog, Java, SQL and Eiffel. I have taken courses in AT&T assembler and Lisp.

I can speak French fluently. I spent the eight months from October 2002 giving technical support through French, and I spent my Junior Sophister (3rd) year at the Université Catholique de Louvain at Louvain-la-Neuve, in Belgium, taking courses through French. I have passable knowledge of Irish, and a year's worth of Latin. I'm learning German.

Up to final year in college, I helped with the administration and installation of machines in the TCD Internet Society. These are mainly free Unix machines running Apache and PHP. A notable exception is the main server, an enterprise class Sun E450 running Solaris 8. I dabble in (Dynamic) HTML and PHP, a server-side scripting language much better suited to dynamic generation of HTML than Perl.

Education :

I received a II.1 degree in Computer Science, Linguistics, and French from Trinity College, Dublin. This is a broad based course---it is intended to produce people who will write natural language interfaces for computers, and to give those people a good grounding in their chosen language. Besides typical Computer Science classes like Algorithms & Data Structures and Database Design, it introduces such areas as acoustics, phonology and generative syntax, and incorporates four hours of language teaching weekly.

As part of this course, substantial projects are expected for both third and fourth year. In third year I prepared a detailed report on aspects of Belgian French, as contrasted with both Standard French and the dialects of the area. As a fourth year project, I wrote a modular user mode file system for OpenBSD (a Unix compatible operating system), providing a framework for compression and/or encryption with minimal extra work.

I sat my Leaving Certificate (roughly equivalent to the French Baccalauréat; six to eight exams, of around three hours each) in 1998, and the results were as follows.

Leaving Cert. 1998MathsHons.A1
Tech. DrawingHons.A1

Leisure Activities :

I read widely; in French as well as English. In English I'm into, among others, Terry Pratchett, Jane Austen and Martin Amis. Movies are another pastime; the Coen brothers and Robert Altman are favourites in this area. Music tastes stretch from The Chemical Brothers to The Velvet Underground.

Previous Experience :

Since mid-June 2003, I've been working for Phorest Communications, an SMS services company based in Dublin 1. I'm responsible for the bulk of their development and maintenance, using technologies that include Perl, PHP, Apache, MySQL, Kannel and Debian Linux for website and backend systems.

I started as a customer service representative at IBM in Ballycoolin, West Dublin, in October 2002. The work involves internal technical support for IBM in France, Belgium and Switzerland; most questions are on Lotus Notes, various VPN applications, and internal IBM user ID management.

I spent summer 2001 working in the Computer Science department of Trinity, writing a wrapper that linked the Java Speech API and the IBM ViaVoice speech recognition engine. This involved C glue code, and was implemented on Linux using the GNU C compiler.

The preceding summer I spent writing a probability based corpus tagger in C for the University of Munich, under the supervision of Dr. Martin Emms, on the campus of TCD. This work was done under Solaris, and ended up as about 4,000 lines of code.

I have worked in a meat factory, an off-licence and some small shops. I am hard-working, and I get on well with other people.

References are available on request.

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