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24th of March, 2003 ANTE·MERIDIEM 08:51

So, yeah, cocktails. Yum! In other news, I just passed a civilized weekend, where I wrote my first Win32 program. What a needlessly baroque API. But hey, the standard system libraries ship with a PlaySound function! Maybe as a Unix-head, my priorities have been twisted all these years.

Via http://​www.​taint.​org/​ ; the Bundesnachrichendienstes [1] have published a cook book, “Topf Secret,” whence “You may ask yourself, why on earth the federal intelligence service is publishing such a book? Well, it’s quite simple dear readers: cooking is something you would never have associated the secret service with.” As the Guardian puts it, that begs more questions than it answers.

Oh, and I am really not impressed with Amazon.fr’s delivery speed, and the speed with which they hunt down orders that they don’t have in stock. First book of two sent the 4th March, not arrived yet, second book still not sent.

[1] Well, with a name like that, it couldn’t be anything but  the German secret Service, could it.

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