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13th of March, 2003 ANTE·MERIDIEM 12:55

No, it doesn’t have the problem in Gentoo. (If this is a bit autochtonous, read the previous post.) It reads the data from the BIOS fine, and starts up X in the monitor’s native resolution—at 1400x1050, 15”, the 75dpi Xterm fonts in Gentoo are pretty painful—so it’s a platform-specific thing, almost certainly related to the dmesg line at boot which said that a given BIOS address was too high, and that the kernel was ignoring it. A work-around for the moment will be to write an XF86Config for NetBSD with the data autodetected in Gentoo specified, and disable the BIOS calls in radeon_drv.o.

BTW, I’m much impressed with Gentoo; it assumes literacy on your part, and seems to have a lot of energy going into the finesse-the-distribution stuff. Still, Daniel Robbins uses “data” as a singular in his IBM DeveloperWorks articles[2], so I can’t judge them too literate :-) .

What else; I’m heading over to the TBMC presently, to listen to the vaunted sounds of The Clap[1]—relevant quote; “because we’re irritating сunts”—so I think I’ll put an end to this entry. See you all, people.

[1] http://​netsoc.​tcd.​ie/​~ste/​index3.​html

[2] http://​www-106.​ibm.​com/​developerworks/​linux/​library/​l-fs12/​

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