Cad é mar a tá tú?

My name is Aidan, I am a GP in south-west Donegal, a stunning part of the world where the patients are a pleasure to deal with.

In my spare time I do Emergency Medicine work, XEmacs work, I try to keep my foreign languages alive, and I enjoy life with my other half, two dogs and a cat.

On this website I’ve used several libraries that I didn’t write myself; among the more relevant of these are:
Dustin Diaz’ Sweet titles for funky translations and descriptions of links.
Роман Иванов and Евгений Степанищев’s HTML_Safe
And, of course, the libraries of the people who wrote PHP and my database engine, and my editor, wherein I write the entries that appear here.

If you want to contact me, for whatever reason†, try sending email to kehoea at this domain, or telephone +353 85 1343873.

My PGP public key is here, should you need to send me something encrypted.

And, for the sake of the next person searching for “aidan pronunciation” who comes to my site; I pronounce my first name [ˈeɪdn], that is, as the word “maiden” without an initial “m.”

Aidan Kehoe
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