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Checking in. 17th of September, 2008 POST·MERIDIEM 02:00

A few things:

  • My new phone number is 085 1343873; if you’re in Dublin, call and we’ll hang out.
  • I’m really enjoying this course so far, I’m very glad I chose it.
  • I received »Nackt«, a selection of readings from David Sedaris, with much of it repeated in German, as a going-away present at my workplace. It is fine, fine writing, and hilarious. Look it up!
Word of the day: apoptosis, programmed, expected cell death, in contrast with necrosis, cell death as a consequence of injury.

Last comment from emma on the 16th of October at 21:36
re: your "word of the day", not to be a stickler, but are those technically wordS ;)

And David Sedaris! I recently re-read "Naked"--delightful stuff!

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