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17th of September, 2004 POST·MERIDIEM 11:13

In the past week I visited the UK for the third time—contrary to my previous exposure, much of it doesn’t look like Heathrow Airport—and did my bit towards making the official “colour” for YAPC organiser tshirts next year be fishnet nylon. I feel dead accomplished.

9th of September, 2004 POST·MERIDIEM 09:26

I should work out a polite way of saying “you’re cool as fuсk, I enjoy your RL company, and spending time online with you, but five straight excuses made—with no suggested alternatives—to my suggestions to meet up are depressing , and the sane thing for me to do now is tune you out on this interweb thing.” (And, yeah, for at least one of the cases, my judgement is that she’s not dropping hints to fuсk off. I trust my judgement there, and you’re never going to have enough information to make your own.) The corresponding situation’s happening too much. Back to finding women in nightclubs and working out if we can stand each other after  getting together, then.