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18th of March, 2004 ANTE·MERIDIEM 10:22

Ich bin heute dreiundzwanzig Jahre alt. And in an unexpected and really cool development, the sisters went and got me a 3.2 megapixel Sony digital camera[1] for it, together with an Oxford-Duden dictionary from Amazon. Which does raise the question of what I can do to match that for their birthday (end of the month), but hey.

Day was okay yesterday, in the end; didn’t actually go finish the green 70% ABV. stuff, got well annoyed at the brokenness of various CPAN installations (case in point; one would think that the netsoc install would work, given John’s affinity for the language, but ... fuсk it, it’s quicker by far to find a machine it does work on. Shame most of the modules I was interested in are broken on NetBSD and OS X.)

I bought three books three weekends ago, The Human Stain,  A Basque History of the World,  and An Béal Bocht.  I finished the first two in a couple of days, and the last one entailed the purchase of an Irish-English dictionary and is proceeding at the rate of a couple of pages per half-hour. Ow. But, beyond that, it’s great so far, and I’ll get together a review of the three for here once I’m through it.

[1] http://​tinyurl.​com/​yrqjd

7th of March, 2004 POST·MERIDIEM 05:35

Wow, it’s a beautiful day.