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25th of October, 2002 POST·MERIDIEM 04:11

From Exile.ru, a review on a book; http://​exile.​ru/​151/​151101802.​html

“The Pueblo incident seems to encapsulate the sad story of the NSA, as Bamford tells it: wonderful machinery, tended by brilliant technicians, is developed at enormous cost. It is then put in the hands of cowardly idiots like our current C-in-C and driven at full speed into a wall.”

Expains a lot. An awful lot of what is mentioned in that article rings true, especially in terms of motivation for the Israëli attack on that NSA ship in the 1960s. From the same site, but another article;

“The Brits like to sneer at the French, but if England had had a long land border with Germany in 1914 or 1939, how long do you think the war would’ve lasted?”

These people seem to know what they’re talking about :-)

(And yes, Gary, if you’re reading this, I’ll link to you at some stage.)

25th of October, 2002 ANTE·MERIDIEM 10:38

I was wrong—I can ssh out[1]. Anyway. So, I have to work in a link-text —> HTML anchor element parsing thing into this script, and I think I’ll write it in Lex. As one does.

So, what else; went to a house party on Friday, which was good; wine, conversation, Vat 69 whisky, all elements to make an evening great :-) [Eh, no, in case you’re wondering, I behaved myself.] Saturday, back down to Wexford to vote—the Ayes had it, which is good, because it means we can go east of Berlin without worrying about getting beaten up all  the time.

Applied for a job today; omitted to notice that it was to the same agency that is currently contracting me to IBM. D’oh.

[1] All ICMP packets between the company and the Rest Of The World were being dropped, and a certain well-known portscanner didn’t pick up on certain of Netsoc’s machines that I was using to test things out.

16th of October, 2002 POST·MERIDIEM 08:06

Aaargh, training is head-wreckingly boring, especially with the latest teacher, who so could do with knowing what she’s doing. And, I can’t ssh out. Anyone with httptunnel experience want to compare notes at kehoea at o2 dot ie? (Yup, it’s webmail.)

5th of October, 2002 POST·MERIDIEM 07:34

Right, starting work Monday, moved in today, bought sister new computer, have to burn her a copy of Gentoo like I promised, and ideally ruster up some Windows version other than 98. Busy, busy, busy. On the upside, Sam Knight is posting to pudding{at}bluehouse.org again, so that’s made it a little more readable :-) .